2020- 2021 Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) is the estimated total amount it will cost you to go to Orange Coast College for that year. The COA includes tuition and fees; on-campus room and board (or a housing and food allowance for off-campus students); and allowances for books, supplies, transportation, loan fees, and, if applicable, dependent care. It can also include other expenses like an allowance for the rental or purchase of a personal computer, costs related to a disability, or costs for eligible study-abroad programs.

Please note:The tables below are for Orange Coast College add $28 to the tuition and fees for the additional fees.

9 Month Budget – Full Time Enrollment

  • Based upon an average of 14 units per semester
  • Non-Resident Tuition: $300 per unit
  • Resident Fees: $46 per unit
9 Month Budget - Full Time Enrollment

​Budget Items

​At Home

​On Campus

​Off Campus

Resident Enrollment Fee $1,288 ​$1,288 $1,288
Non-Resident Tuition $8,400 $8,400 $8,400
Student Health Fee $32 ​$32 $32
Books and Supplies $1,080 $1,080 $1,080
Room and Board $8,780 $16,757​ $16,580
Transportation $938 $324​ $858
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $3,225 ​$2,609 $3,784
Total Resident $15,343 $22,090 $23,622
Total Non-Resident $23,743 $30,490 $32,022


For further information, please visit the Coast Community College District.  

The expense budgets shown on this table are based upon average expenses reported by students at the University of California, California State University, California independent institutions, and California Community Colleges in the 2006-07 Student Expenses and Resources Survey (SEARS), adjusted for ten years of inflation or deflation. Private career college data are from the 2003-04 SEARS, adjusted for 13 years of inflation or deflation.​

Net Price Calculator


The net price calculator is a tool for students and parents to use to get an estimate of what it may cost to attend Orange Coast College each year. The "net price" (cost of attendance minus grants and scholarships) is the amount students and/or their families will have to cover with work, savings, and/or loans. 

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