California Promise Program Fee Waiver (State Financial Aid)

It is available to California residents and Dream Act students.  It waives your course enrollment fee.  Students can complete the   FAFSA  or   CCPG application.   

Cal Grant B & C (State Financial Aid)

The Cal Grant B & C is available to California residents and Dream Act students attending a community college in California.  

Chafee Grant (State Financial Aid)

The Chafee Grant is available to students who are current or former foster youth.  Chafee can be used at any California postsecondary institution or out-of-state institution that participates in the federal Pell Grant program.  

Pell Grant (Federal Financial Aid)

A student must complete the   FAFSA  to be considered for federal aid.  It is awarded based on financial need.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)                      (Federal Financial Aid)

To get an FSEOG, you must fill out the   FAFSA  so Orange Coast College can determine how much financial need you have.  It is campus-based federal aid.  For more information, please visit   Coast Community College District

Student Loans (Federal Financial Aid)

Loans are federal student loans for eligible students and/or parents to assist with the cost of higher education at Orange Coast College.,2,3,25,4,5,16,6,7,17,8,9,10,21,11,18,75,74,12,76,13,19,14,26,15,20,27
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