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Magic Tree House: Space Mission


Travel with the brother-sister duo Jack and Annie in their Magic Treehouse as they learn about how scientists uncover the mysteries of the universe. With the help of a real astronomer, astronaut, and of course, a pile of books, Jack and Annie are taken on a wondrous journey of adventure and learning to the edges of the universe.
Based on the popular book series by Mary Pope Osborne.

Recommended ages: 5-10

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The sky has been an object of fascination for as long as humans have walked the earth. The movements of the spheres are ingrained in every culture on earth and have created mythologies, superstitions, and legends many people still recognize. Take a journey through time, from the most ancient astrologers, to the future of manned exploration of the solar system and see how our view of the cosmos has grown and evolved.

Recommended ages: 10 and up

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The Sun Our living star

The Sun: Our Living Star


The Sun has shone on our world for four and a half billion years. The light that warms our skin today has been felt by every person who has ever lived. It is our nearest star and our planet’s powerhouse, the source of the energy that drives our winds, our weather and all life. Discover the secrets of our star in this planetarium show and experience never-before-seen images of the Sun’s violent surface in immersive fulldome format.

Seizure warning: There is a portion of the show with flashing lights.

Recommended ages: 8 and up

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Skywatchers LIVE


Join one of our planetarium experts on a live guided tour of the stories, sights, and other wonders in the night sky. The constellations, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies found overhead have been part of human consciousness for millennia, and today we have the knowledge and technology to explore all of them in great detail. 

Stick around after the show for a live Q&A with our presenter!

Recommended Ages: 10 and up

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Public Star Shows every Saturday!

Public programs are a cornerstone of the Planetarium's mission. Regular showings are offered every weekend so anyone can come enjoy a rotating schedule of breathtaking full-dome experiences.

For all public shows, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled show begins. There will be no late admittance. Planetarium Tickets are Non-transferable and Non-refundable.

We advise against bringing children younger than 5 years old to planetarium programs. The planetarium theater gets very dark and the visuals can be alarming to young children.

All programs are approximately 45 minutes long.

**The Planetarium adheres to a strict No Late Admittance policy. Once the doors have closed, the show is underway and must not be interrupted.**

Skylark Speaker Series


December 8 at 7:00

In our new monthly speaker series, special guests bring the most relevant topics in space science and astronomy to the Planetarium. Our December speaker is Katrina Carter-Journet, an engineering specialist at Blue Origin. Katrina will be detailing her experience in both the public and private sectors of spaceflight, and will talk about how students today can be part of the next phase of space exploration.

Followed by a Q&A session. 

Admission is free, but seats are limited. 

7:00 Thursday, December 8. Reception begins at 6:00

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The long awaited return of MESMERICA is finally here! Showing select Fridays and Saturdays starting December 2nd. Visit for information and ticketsmesmerica-logo.jpg


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Field Trips

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