Orange Coast College's Student Equity program will host the fifth annual "Undocumented Student Action Week" (USAW) on Oct. 18th-22nd. During this week of action, community colleges across the state engage in activities in solidarity with undocumented students.  OCC students will be invited to attend one virtual and one in-person event on campus as well as a variety of pre-recorded webinars. 

During Undocumented Student Action Week, the Chancellor's Office will be hosting a daily system webinar at 1:00 p.m. from October 19-22 on critical policy frameworks and tools designed to support institutions with successful implementation of recent undocumented student policy reforms. These webinars will include topics such as a review of statewide policies, data collection and use, and innovative use of funds. You can register here and view a list of descriptions below. 

Equitable Student-Centered Design to Ensure Undocumented Student Success (Oct. 19th 1:00-2:00PM): This webinar will cover how different programs and services, including financial aid and counseling, can be integrated to support undocumented students.

Innovative Uses of Funds to Support Undocumented Students (Oct. 20th 1:00-2:00PM): This webinar will focus on the importance of intentional, evidenced-based practices to use state investments to support student success. We will share a brief introduction to the state policies that provide these funds (SEAP, AB 1645) and remind our audience of the purpose of these policies. Then we will share examples of colleges that are using the dollars to meet the intent and spirit of those policies.

Effectively Using Data in a Complex Environment (Oct. 21st 1:00-2:00PM): This webinar will focus on the importance of ensuring that undocumented students have equitable access to effective resources and programming, while also acknowledging concerns around anonymity. The goal is to prioritize students by identifying data collection and evaluation approaches that need not rely on unitary student-level data. Which strategies and methodologies can leaders use to meaningfully assess the effectiveness of Dream Resource Centers & Liaisons, AB 540, etc.? This session will also elevate existing and new data that can be used to inform evidence-based decision-making as we continuously improve programs, policies, and practices.  

Policy Context: Undocumented Student Rights & Resources (Oct. 22nd 1:00-2:00PM)This webinar will provide an overview of state, federal, and institutional policies and resources that serve to benefit undocumented students on their educational journey. Specific topics will include AB 540/SB 68, the California Dream Act, Dreamer Resource Centers, and Immigration Legal Services.

Students interested in growing their knowledge and skill set of how to navigate higher education while being undocumented can access pre-recorded sessions and view a full list of recordings below. 


Webinar Sessions




Student Leadership: Giving Voice to Undocumented Students

This Learning Session will provide students with information and resources about how to elevate and empower undocumented student voices in their pursuit of academic excellence. Student leaders will share their experience in advocating on critical key issues, which can be used by both undocumented students and allies.


Financial Aid: Successfully Paying for College as an Undocumented Student

This Learning Session will provide participants with a summary of the financial aid opportunities and resources available to undocumented students in California. Specifically, this session will focus on demystifying the California Dream Act Application, AB 540, scholarships, and the overall financial aid process experienced by undocumented students and counselors alike.


Advocating for Undocumented CCC Students: Where Do We Go from Here?

This session will overview the recent DACA ruling, the current status of proposed legislation, and how California Community College advocacy can have an impact. We will provide strategies and an approach on how to effectively advocate for undocumented students on the federal level. The session will demonstrate how administrators, trustees, classified staff and student leaders can mobilize their campus community and show support for federal legislation that supports undocumented students.


Breaking Enrollment Barriers: Creating the Pipeline to College for Undocumented High School Seniors

Every year 25,000 undocumented high school senior graduate from a California high school, this session covers how colleges can create a purposeful recruitment model that ensures graduating undocumented high school seniors’ path to college. This presentation will showcase how Butte College has utilized partnerships with College Recruiters, Student Orientation, Admissions office, the UndocuLiasion, and High School councilors to create a team and system to increase college enrollment numbers of graduating undocumented high school seniors.


The Transfer Experience at Independent Nonprofit Colleges & Universities

This session will walk through how the transfer process works, both applying to and transitioning into an independent nonprofit institution as an undocumented transfer student, and also examples of institutional resources they provide for undocumented students.


Amplifying Undocumented Voices Through Policy, Advocacy, and Outreach Partnerships

This session will share how three community college counselors worked to pass AB 595 in partnership with the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges and Assembly member Jose Medina's office. This bill allows undocumented students to use individual tax identification numbers in place of social security numbers for background checks into academic programs or internship programs at the community college. This is an example of how powerful the educator voice can be on behalf of students and proves what can be achieved through practitioner led advocacy.


The Collective Uplift: Supporting UndocuScholars and Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom

Join this courageous conversation designed to engage participants in how to actualize inclusive, antiracist, culturally responsive practices for the collective uplift of students. Learn how to create safe learning environments that support UndocuScholars and honor authentic lived experiences. All practitioners are welcome!



Additionally UndocuScholars are invited to attend special programming led by the Student Equity Office:

 UndocuScholars Family Night

(Tuesday, October 19th 5:00PM – 6:00PM on ZOOM)

Bring parents/guardians to share an evening with you and learn all about our UndocuScholars program and other resources available to aid in your higher education journey. This event will be held over ZOOM allowing parents/guardians and students to share the unique experience of remote learning and offering the flexibility of attending from home.

Register on Zoom 


Translation in Spanish of the event:
Noche de padres

(Martes, 19 de Octubre de 5:00PM – 6:00PM por ZOOM)

Acompáñenos a cenar y platicar sobre el programa de estudiantes indocumentados y otros recursos disponibles para ayudar a sus hijos en su camino a la Universidad. Este evento se llevará acabo por ZOOM para que así usted comparta la experiencia única y flexibilidad de estar presente desde su hogar en un espacio de aprendizaje. 


Viewing & Discussion: Exploring Undocumented + Queer Identities in Media
(Wednesday, October 20 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm on ZOOM)

Explore the intersections of Undocumented and Queer Identities in Media! Join Mextli Lopez (Undocumented Students Professional Expert) and Connie Oh (Student Equity Specialist) in a viewing of the Youtube series "Undocutales" by Armando Ibañez and clips from Filipino American journalist Jose Antonio Vargas! Then, we will have an open discussion, reflection, and sharing about the intersections of "UndocuQueer" identities. Join us in this safe space with peers and allies.
**Pre-Registration is required for Exploring Undocumented + Queer Identities in Media.