DSPS's Learning Center, established in 1975 is designed to assist eligible students with disabilities who demonstrate specific learning challenges in English and Mathematics. An integral service unique to OCC's DSPS program, the Learning Center provides developmental instruction in Writing, Mathematics, Grammar, and Spelling/Reading. An individually designed educational contract is created with each student and defines the area(s) in which the student will receive basic skills support.

Our experienced Instructional Associates utilize a multitude of instructional methods and materials to teach the basic skills support courses (LRNG A001) including but not limited to computer-assisted instruction, workbooks and textbooks, individualized and group instruction, online instruction, etc. 

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If you are interested in registering for the Learning Support courses (LRNG A001), please meet with your DSPS counselor. You may also email DSPSLearningSupport@cccd.edu for more information.