Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

Our Charge:

The taskforce will focus its work through a racial justice and equity lens to advance Orange Coast College’s efforts to create an environment of inclusion and belonging for all OCC students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Consistent with the College’s Educational Master Plan’s strategic priorities, the taskforce will work to better understand the College’s institutional practices, policies and structures in order to create an environment that incorporates equity and inclusion in its work, and is designed for meaningful engagement and collaboration. This work will run in parallel with the development of OCC’s 2021–27 Educational Master Plan beginning Fall 2020 semester and create an opportunity to embed the work of the President’s Task Force into the long-term planning for Orange Coast College.

During the President’s listening sessions in Fall 2019 (Cookies and Conversation) and our defining moments of 2020, an important theme emerged, among others, that focused on creating a culture of inclusive excellence by uplifting employees and students through an environment that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.

To that end, the Taskforce will be charged with the following goals:

  1. Conduct an assessment of campus climate, practices, policies, and structures (e.g., racial, equitable, inclusive experiences)
  2. Utilize assessment results to develop strategic objectives that promote and advance diversity, equity, access, and inclusion across the institution
  3. Align action plan with the college’s Educational Master Plan
  4. Identify similar initiatives currently underway at OCC and other institutions that advance this work and build upon this work.
  5. Recommend tangible, measurable, and implemental interventions that advance the college’s values of fostering an equity minded and inclusive campus environment. Implementation of recommendations will honor established participatory governance processes.

Campus Climate Survey for Diversity and Equity

The Coast Community College District (Orange Coast College, Golden West College and Coastline) continue to strengthen our efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Leadership at District Office and each of the Colleges would like to know more about how students, faculty, staff, and administrators perceive the District’s climate and level of support for diversity and equity. Everyone's participation and insights would be welcomed and appreciated.


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