Dear Colleagues,

The District is monitoring omicron-variant COVID-19 case numbers and making necessary adjustments on an ongoing basis. With the recent data showing rapid spread, Chancellor's Cabinet has decided to extend remote work for three additional weeks.

All employees, except designated essential or teaching/supporting onsite wither intersession or spring classes, should continue working remotely.  If conditions improve, employees would return on-site February 7 at the earliest. This return date may be extended based on further developments. Those designated as essential will be contacted separately.

Once employees return, schedules would resemble what was in place before the winter break – with departments and offices available in person three days per week and no more than 50 percent capacity of staffing on any given day.

The vaccination mandate and testing protocol remains in place. Testing for those with exemptions is proceeding as planned. More information may be found on the District COVID-19 page.

I appreciate the way in which you responded to the announcement earlier this month and the great adaptability you have shown throughout the pandemic. Thank you for doing all you can to give students and colleagues the support they need in these challenging times.

Be well,John

John Weispfenning, Ph.D.