Dear Student:

This message is to inform you that at the April 20 meeting, the Board of Trustees acted to end the vaccination mandate with testing protocol and the mask mandate effective June 1. These mandates will not continue into the summer session. Students who have requested an exemption from vaccination and have been testing weekly will need to continue to test weekly through May 20. The last day that testing will be provided on site is May 20. Similarly, May 20 is the last day when students who test off site need to upload test results to Cleared4. Students enrolled only in online classes who come on campus to receive services need to comply with the vaccination mandate requirements. Wearing masks indoors will become optional starting on June 1 and is strongly recommended.

If you have questions, please contact:

Wishing you a successful rest of the semester. 

Dr. Madjid Niroumand
Vice President, Student Services
Orange Coast College