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Marine Science Honors Society (HHO) students monitoring the efficacy of marine reserves on a local intertidal zone. ​​​​​​​​​​The Marine Science Department at Orange Coast College (OCC) has one of the largest 2-year college marine science programs in the Western United States. The proximity to the Southern California coast allows students from all backgrounds to investigate the far-reaching influence of the ocean through a diverse set of academic and practical courses.  While at OCC, Marine Science students have the opportunity to explore this fascinating career and test their sea legs. Students will gain experience working on boats, taking water samples with oceanic probes, collecting sediment samples for analysis, interpreting oceanic weather information, designing and building aquarium filtration systems, learning how to care for living marine organisms, and discovering the fundamentals of marine navigation and seamanship. Class formats range from traditional lectures to many hands-on field courses that provide practical experience working in both the lab and in the field.

Group of students in boat on gray whale ecology field tripThis unique program strives to prepare students with a wide range of related interests and future goals. For students that know they want to pursue a Bachelor’s or graduate degree in some aspect of marine sciences at a four-year university, they can complete many of their prerequisite courses at OCC at a much lower cost, often with smaller class sizes, and gain hands-on experience with specialized courses to learn what facet of marine science they are most drawn to. For students that plan to earn a Bachelor’s degree in another field (including biology, chemistry, communications, computer science, economics, engineering, geology or law among many other potentially-related disciplines) but would like to strengthen that degree with an applied marine emphasis, we offer specific Courses, Degrees & Certificates that provide students with an advantage after graduation. Community members of all ages and backgrounds can take our specialty courses for personal enrichment or as part of stand-alone qualifications for many local jobs that do not require academic degrees, but where practical experience is important.

Marine Science Courses  Marine Science Degrees & Certificates

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Develop hands-on skills at the Orange Coast College Aquarium
The department has its own "wet" marine laboratory and Public Aquarium where students can get hands-on experience caring for a diverse array of living aquatic organisms and maintaining the systems. The student-run aquarium facility contains over 4,500 gallons of water and consists of systems exhibiting local cold-water environments, tropical organisms, freshwater planted tanks, aquaculture systems, and student research projects.

Students acclimating sharks in to our shark exhibitAre you currently enrolled and looking for additional information? Meet with the Marine Science department faculty for guidance! 

While at Orange Coast College, marine science students are highly encouraged to meet with the full-time department faculty each semester to discuss their specific interests and goals, discuss local internship and volunteer opportunities, and develop a professional resume while enrolled. Easily schedule a meeting online (below) where you can choose a day and time that suits your personal class schedule. A department faculty member will then follow up with you to schedule a meeting on campus (temporarily unavailable) or online through Zoom. 


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The options are endless!

We encourage students to explore the many options marine science has to offer, take part in a wide range of field courses including our Gray Whale Ecology Study Abroad class, work in our student-run aquarium, join our Marine Science Honor Society (Eta Eta Omicron, “HHO”), get advice and contacts from past students through our OCCean Alumni Network, find opportunities through our job and internship board, and get experience on the water at our Maritime Campus.

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Students performing a necropsy on a flatfish

Collaboration is key

Jalapenos growing in our aquaponics systemOur aquaponics greenhouseOCC School of Sailing & Seamanship (Maritime campus)

A dedicated aquaponics greenhouse demonstrates one of the practical interdisciplinary applications of aquarium science and serves as a collaborative effort between aquarium science and the Horticulture Department. Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics—one integrated system to grow fish and plants. The complete process of aquaponics includes three steps: (1) waste products from fish, (2) the conversion of fish waste into fertilizers for plants through microbes and worms, and (3) the filtration of water through plants, which is then re-supplied to fish. The aquaponic greenhouse located on campus provides a unique opportunity for students to get involved growing both fish and plants in a single system. 

Marine Science students can also take courses and collect data at our affiliated School of Sailing & Seamanship in nearby Newport Harbor. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the waterfront boating and sailing courses, among many others!