​​​​​Orange Coast College's Division of Business and Computing equips students with the tools to succeed in today's highly competitive employment environment. The Division's programs and courses offer students up-to-date, practical business fundamentals, a complete menu of computer science courses for transfer students, and a comprehensive offering of computer technology courses for student who are seeking specific job skills.

The Business and Computing Division boasts of a large number of Certificates and Associate of Science degree programs in both areas of endeavor. (A Certificate of Specialization requires three or more courses, and a Certificate of Achievement requires 18 or more units. Students may combine a Certificate of Achievement with additional General Education courses to earn their Associate degree.)

In the academic year 2018-2019, the Business and Computing Division awarded 522 certificates from our 41 current certificate programs, Business and Computing offers 10 AS/AS-T transferable degrees to California State Universities.


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